MH Sensitivity Reading

I am a sensitivity reader for mood and anxiety disorders, and PTSD, using my own name, Laura McKendrick. For a limited period I am offering this service for free to unpublished writers, subject to availability.

I have been receiving treatment for anxiety for almost 20 years, and mood disorders since I received a new diagnosis in the mid-2000s for anxiety and depression. In the last 10 years I have also experienced bipolar hypomania and mania, and disturbing images arising out of trauma.

I have attended talk therapy, group therapy, taken self-management courses, studied forensic psychology and psychiatry, and have access to numerous mental health resources.

I am unlikely to take on manuscripts likely to be distressing to me as a reader.

Please get in touch via the Contact Form with enquiries.

“Laura read my romantic novel prior to publication as a sensitivity reader for mental health topics–anxiety and PTSD in particular. She picked up on problematic language use with a high degree of precision and gave well thought-out advice on each scene where the topics arose. She showed a clear understanding of both the way characters with mental health problems can be sympathetically portrayed and how a reader with mental illness would experience the characters. She also asked probing questions so I understood more clearly what I was trying to achieve with the mental health representation and make sure that was reflected in the finished book. Her input has ensured the manuscript can make a positive contribution. – Leonie Mack, author of My Christmas Number One (Boldwood Books, September 2020)

Short story, or stories, up to 15,000 words = $0.007/£0.006 per word.

Novella, up 30,000 words = Flat rate: $150 / £120

Short novel, up to 50,000 words. Flat rate = $250 / £200

All other novels = $250 / £200+ Please ask for quote

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